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Nathan Van Allen

  • The idea of built-in cell phone holders in cars should be more ubiquitous. Sometimes I actually need my cupholders for cups!

  • Movie theaters should offer personal storage lockers that can charge your phone – would incentivize people to leave their phones outside the theater and they’d have a fully charged phone after the movie!

  • I know I’m not the only one with a bunch of gift cards taking up wallet space. What if they all had small digital displays that show the remaining available balance on them?

  • Nathan Van Allen posted a new activity comment 2 years, 2 months ago

    I like this idea, although if it’s not cross-OS capable, I might have to find more friends with Android!

  • Smartphone cases should come manufactured with an embedded Bluetooth tracking device like Trackr so you can find your phone, even if the battery is dead.

  • Uber should offer more user-focused customization capabilities, like providing a place for riders to specify any preferences they might have when they request rides (maybe preference for a particular driver, # of riders, etc.)

  • A video game TV station that doesn’t suck: it could feature video game news, live esports events (SC2, DotA, CS:GO, HotS, etc.), or even integrate with to watch live streamers. Lots of potential with the exploding video games content market.

  • A razor without the need for a blade that dulls over time: shaves with a pinpointed laser light that penetrates hair but not skin. It would probably give a closer shave than conventional razors, too.

  • I’d like to be able to clean my phone screen wherever I am — and having to rub it with the denim or cotton of clothing just doesn’t do the job, imo. Maybe line the insides of pants pockets with microfiber cloth material for easy, thorough cleaning.

  • Self-charging phones could be the next big thing. Similar to how hybrid cars harness energy from braking, maybe it’s possible to harness the energy that goes into swiping and tapping your smart phone’s touchscreen to supplement the battery.

  • Let’s have the option for different sizes of personal devices. I’m thinking you could order a smaller/bigger sized X-Box or Playstation controller based on your hands. No need for children and grown adults to have to use the same default device with no choice for size customization. Could potentially work for smartphones and other devices, too.

  • With heated seats and steering wheels, why not heated cupholders? I’d like my morning coffee to stay hot on the drive to work. You could route some of the heat from the AC unit to warm the cupholder — and insulate it to retain the warmth.